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Kasco Abrasive manufactures and offers a full range of bonded abrasives for grinding and cutting most materials.   Click on the photo or name to see a detailed list for that category.

T-27 Depressed Center for Grinding
T-27 Depressed Center for Cutting
T-28 Depressed Center for Grinding
T-27 & T-28 for use on Aluminum
T-27 & T-28 Super Grinding Wheels


Kasco Depressed Center Wheels

Kasco Slice-It Wheels

Kasco Slice-It Wheels

T-11 Flared Cups

Kasco T-11 Flared Cups

T-6 Straight Cups

Kasco T-6 Straight Sided Cup
Bench Grinding Wheels
T-1 Grinding Wheels
Small T-1 Grinding Wheels
Hard Face Grinding


Kasco T-1 Grinding Wheels

Plugs & Cones

Kasco Plugs & Cones

Terrazzo Stones

Terrazzo Stone

Mounted Points

Kasco Mounted Points

Rub Bricks

Kasco Rub Bricks