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In-Line Sanding Flap Wheels

Designed for use on portable straight-line finishing machines operating at 3,700 RPM or slower.  The tools are designed for fine finishing applications, as well as creating a linear scratch pattern on a surface.  (examples include tank finishing, or finishing stainless steel counter tops or food processing equipment).  These will fit tools sold by J. Walter, Metabo, and Dynabrade.

Abrasive Flap Wheels - An X weight cloth excellent on carbon and stainless steels

Abrasive flap roll
Interleaf Flap Wheels - Alternating layers of abrasive cloth in various grits with maroon nonwoven finishing material.  Used for light stock removal and deburring. Interleaf Flap Roll 
Nonwoven Finishing Flap Wheels - Made from nonwoven finishing material in various grades.  They are designed to enhance the finish without removing stock. Nonwoven Flap Roll

Abrasive In-Line Flaps
Diam Length Arbor 60 grit 80 grit 120 grit  
4 4 3/4 Keyway 851850 851851 851852  
4 5/8-11 851857 851858 851859  
Interleaf In-Line Flaps
Diam Length Arbor 80 med 120 med 180 fine 240 v fine
4 4 3/4 Keyway 851865 851866 851867 851868
4 5/8-11 851874 851875 851876 851877
Nonwoven In-Line Flaps
Diam Length Arbor A coarse A medium A fine A v fine
4 4 3/4 Keyway 851882 851883 851884 851885
4 5/8-11 851890 851891 851892 851893