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Nonwoven Surface Conditioning Discs - Quick Change

SCD Discs - Quick ChangeKASCO Abrasives nonwoven nylon surface conditioning discs provide excellent surface cleanup and finish on ferrous and nonferrous metals.  They can also be used on many other materials like plastics and wood.   Available in two attachment styles, Velcro® hook & loop style and "Roll-On" Type R plastic threaded button style.  

Gold COARSE for maximum surface cleaning
Maroon MEDIUM for most general purpose applications  
Blue FINE for light material removal and the good finish  
Gray VERY FINE for polishing and the best finish  

Download a printable catalog page for these shapes.


1½" 50 COARSE Gold 680060
MEDIUM Maroon 680061
FINE Blue 680062
VERY FINE Gray 680063
2" 50 COARSE Gold 680027
MEDIUM Maroon 680029
FINE Blue 680069
VERY FINE Gray 680031
3" 50 COARSE Gold 680033
MEDIUM Maroon 680035
FINE Blue 680070
VERY FINE Gray 680037
4" 50 COARSE Gold 680039
MEDIUM Maroon 680041
FINE Blue 680071
VERY FINE Gray 680043